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You'll only be paying for TIME not the added things for the date to happen you will need to send the rest to my CASH APP $CARESS07




* Watch a Movie, TV or Youtube together 

- Are you down to watch some comedy, romance, action, educational or conspiracy theroies. ( porn is extra )


* Play online Games 

- Are you a gambling man? Well lets bet on our clothes. One thing about me is that i love to play any type of games so lets play 😍


* Eat, Drink & Chill

-  FOODIES / lets explore a new-similar restuarant together. We'll try the same dishes and give our critques  and we can keep it sexy while eating are favorite foods with passionate moaning as we savor then swallow o


* DIY Project 

- lets make something special i love projects 

( extra for me to send it to you )

Virtual Date

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